What Are The Losses Travel Insurance Covers!!!

Travel insurance implies the coverage for pitfalls associated with travel. This type of insurance is intended to cover financial and other losses incurred at the time traveling. The losses may be incurred in a domestic or an international level. Broadly travel insurance coverage can be classified under the following heads:

Cancellation of a trip

Very often it happens like this that the traveler must cancel the trip because of unforeseen circumstances. It may be physical illness or any such emergency. Now, if the holiday package is already bought then he must have to face a big financial loss. It is under such circumstances travel insurance works like a savior.

Interruption during the trip

This type of travel insurance covers the damages occurred due to trip interruption. In the event a trip is interrupted because of illness or the booked hotel ceases to continue to operate or any other such occurrences, the traveler shall face a financial loss. However, if the trip is insured then he can avoid this loss.

Loss of luggage or other valuables

Since the work of a traveler is to move from here and there, he may lose his luggage or other such expensive possessions during his journey. To cover the financial damage incurred because of the inconvenience resulted from the loss of luggage one can go for travel insurance.

Default Protection

It may happen that a trip is cancelled because a carrier or tour operator is no longer in business. In this case the person who will be in the receiving end is the traveler. However, travel insurance will help him recover the losses he incurs due to the cancellation of the trip.

Other types of losses

In addition to the above, travel insurance covers delayed departure, emergency replacement of essential items, medical expenses, accidental death, injury or disablement benefit, personal liability and rental car damage, legal assistance, loss of income, high risk sports like skiing, scuba-diving, travel to high risk countries etc.

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