Tips For Cheaper Auto Insurance

Tips For Cheaper Auto Insurance
Car insurance is compulsory, but it’s not necessary to pay more than you have to. Auto insurance rates can spiral depending upon factors that include your age, past driving record, and other factors such as credit history. However, the trick is to find ways to lower the annual pay-off. A few simple steps combined with some time surfing for competitive car insurance rates really can save you serious money at renewal time.

Keep a clean license
Insurance companies take driving convictions very seriously and can dramatically increase your car insurance premium, by maintaining a clean license proves to the insurance you are a safe and careful driver.

Buy Online
Most companies offer a discount for online applications as this is automated process and costs them a lot less to process your application, you can usually see discounts of 5%-10%.

Ask around
All insurance companies use different formulas to calculate your insurance premium by adding or detracting money after each question the ask you. By shopping around you could find big savings on your insurance premium.

Buy some extra products
Most insurance companies also do other insurance products, like home or business insurance. Most insurance companies will give extra discounts for purchasing more than one products, by doing this you could save a fair amount on all your insurance premiums.

Lower your annual mileage
Lowering your annual mileage can reduce your premiums, most insurance companies will quote you for around 12,000 miles a year. Try and work out how many mile’s you will do if it’s likely to be less you may get a discount. Be honest about this as your insurance company may ask to see old MOT’S and service history to verify your mileage in the event of a accident.

Auto security
Security devices that prevent or hinder theft may also reduce your premium. Common examples include alarms and immobilizers, however, be aware that as we improve the quality of our security devices the thieves just become better at bypassing them.
Look after your credit rating
Insurance companies are now looking at your credit score as part of the calculation for your insurance premium. Maintaining a good credit rating could avoid unnecessary additions to your premium.

Remove any unnecessary drivers
If you have a young driver on your insurance policy that no longer use`s the vehicle you should remove them as this will reduce your premium.

Put your wife as a named driver
Some insurance companies offer discounts when you add a wife as a named driver as opposed to unmarried couples, they see marriage as a sign of stability and associate stability with safe driving and there for give you a discount.

There can be massive differences between the lowest and highest car insurance quotes for exactly the same car and driver(s). Start off using good comparative online quotation sites, take their best quotes and go direct to the cheapest car insurance company for more specific quotes. So next time your renewal quote arrives, don’t just accept it and give your money away to the insurance company. Use the steps above and get the right cover at the right price.
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