Think Term Life Insurance To Begin With

Those who buy term life insurance do so because it is a limited expense policy that insures the policy holder for a specific period of time. If the person who holds the policy should pass away during that period of time then the company pays out the death benefit of the policy. The average time period that a policy is taken out for is a year. If the insured person is still alive after the period then they can then buy another one year policy.

This is not the best deal for the person looking for a good policy. If they should become ill during the year with something serious, something terminal, then they will be considered uninsurable. Each year the potential policy holder must pass a medical exam. This means that the person who is ill would be unable to be insured again and so would be left with no death benefits for their family. Therefore, this term life insurance is not the best option.

A better option would be to buy annual renewable term life insurance. This type of policy can be started at any point in time as long as the policy holder passes the medical exam. The term for these policies is usually anywhere from ten to thirty years. The policy holder pays once a year and as the person gets older the cost of the premiums will increase.

The advantage to this type of insurance is that there is more chance that the policy holder will get benefit from a long term policy and so the death benefits will be paid to the family of the insured person. If the person becomes ill during the coverage period the insurance company cannot do anything to terminate this type of policy. With some companies this can go on until the policy holder is ninety five, but not with all companies.

At some point the insurance company will tell the policy holder that they have reached the end of a term life policy’s availability. Instead they will have to move on to a permanent life policy. Some companies want this to occur when the person reaches seventy five. This type of policy allows the policy holder to convert their renewable policy into what is called a permanent policy. This does not require a medical assessment.

It usually does not pay out as much as the other types of policies but is less expensive than the others and still allows for a death benefit that will cover funeral costs and leave a little something over at the end. Insurance is a complicated process which needs to be undertaken carefully. The young family begins with term life insurance and then makes changes as the key money earners age.

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