Student Health Insurance Plans — Yes Or No?

One of the most important things that you need to think about after high school is an affordable student health insurance plan. At age 20, most of the health plans parents have will not cover the children. Once you have realized that you are going to college, you will need to see about a health insurance plan for yourself.

Depending on what college you attend will determine the health benefits they offer. You may be able to get your office visits and checkups for free. You will probably pay for any lab work and visits that are for special reasons. Health benefits from the college will usually cover services you receive from the campus health care center but if you find an off campus doctor, you could pay up to a 70% higher deductible or payment.

You may or may not qualify for student health insurance if you have a preexisting condition. For any pre-existing condition you may have, you will need to be prepared to see a doctor outside the campus health center. Most of the centers will not treat anything that you have before you get the college health insurance plan. Hopefully, you will not have anything happen that is a result of the condition. It may be a problem area for you to deal with since you may not be able to get treatment for it.

You will need to find out about everything covered and included in your particular student health insurance plan. Make sure to ask about coverage over summer break. Find out about it now before you actually have an accident and you find out too late that your health insurance plan will not cover it. Summer break coverage is something that may be offered by one plan and not with every health insurance plan.

You will also need to find out exactly what kind of coverage the student health insurance plan offers. If you have an HMO plan, you may not be able to go to any doctor you want. If you go to a doctor outside coverage, you might end up with the whole bill to pay.

It is ultimately your choice to decide if you should get the college health insurance from you institution. It may be a lifesaver for you when an emergency happens. Even if it is not free, you may save hundreds of dollars on your bill. Whatever plan you decide on, make sure that you study it thoroughly so you know what you are covered for and want is not covered. You will not want any surprises to be announced when you are in the middle of an emergency.

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