Should You Purchase Horse Insurance?

You are now thinking-what are your crazy? Why would anyone purchase insurance on the average horse? You know that the special thoroughbreds, Arabian, and other special breeds are covered but why should you spend the money for your own horse?

Well, it is no longer an issue for the very wealthy owners and breeders. If medical attention or surgery is needed, this can make a difference between saving your horse’s life or putting them down. And, who really wants to sacrifice their pet just because they can not afford to pay the veterinarian?
If you own a horse of any breed, you know that it is a major financial investment.

You not only pay money to purchase him, but the boarding and upkeep for this is very expensive and people just want to protect something that they love. There are a few basic types of coverage you can purchase; they are mortality and major medical-these are comparable to life and health insurance for people.

Now that you realize that you should purchase insurance for your horse, what kind should you get? As with anything, there are an unlimited number of policies available that cover many different things. Some of the basics you will want to consider when getting coverage are major medical and surgical, death, loss of use, and equipment. You are thinking-what, all of this? Well, “Yes.” Each of these is an investment you have made and you want to be adequately reimbursed if anything should happen.

If you own or operate a stable, you need even more coverage that would include: liability for trainers, farm owners and guests; property protection; reproduction (stallion and mare fertility versus infertility); and transport of animals.

Usually, a horse owner received money from mortality insurance if the horse dies. Depending on the details in the policy, the owner may receive a full or partial payment based on the value of the animal. A medical and surgical policy will cover costs directly related to the treatment of an injury or illness.
If you are not sure what horse insurance to purchase, find an insurance agent that specializes in horse insurance. They should answer your questions and explain the terms and benefits described in the plan.

It is their job to sell you and other people horse insurance-so, they want to make sure that they do their job correctly. Their reputation can be made or ruined based on how they work with their clients who want to make this purchase for their animals. Just remember, that the agent you select should have experience in the equine arena.

Whether you decide to work with a capable agent or to do the research yourself on the internet, remember what is at stake here. If you do not get the right health insurance for your horse, there may come a time when you truly regret it. Saving a few dollars here and there might make a major different in the amount of coverage you have in the event of a major illness or surgery.

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