Insider Tips For Finding Cheap Auto Insurance In Washington State

Year in and year out, you are wondering how you could save from your auto insurance rates in your good old WA. And as the New Year comes, you might be on your annual insurance review. Here are some insider tips that could lead you finding that cheap WA auto insurance for this year.

Stop living �dangerously�. If you changed your address in 2008, or you’re planning to move by the New Year, be in know that your car insurance premiums will be adjusted by your insurer accordingly. This change can be because of state regulations if you cross borders, or because of the perceived neighborhood risk of where you are moving to. The lower the risk assessment of the neighborhood, the better the premiums. You may want to retain your policy or get a new one. Either way, try to compare with other providers to see what is the best option for you, given your change of address.

Check the insurance scale before you buy. Before buying that car, check its insurance rating first. A car with a lower-cost insurance rating assures you great savings once you sign it up for coverage. Some cars are more expensive to insure because of their brand, sticket value, maintenance and repair costs, availability of spare parts, its safety mechanism, and its likelihood for theft. Choose the car you drive, and you can choose the insurance rate you need to pay.

Scrap your used car collision coverage. If you’re driving a used car, you may consider opting out from the collision coverage on your policy. Because the older the car gets, the more expensive is its coverage. So removing collision coverage on an older car will slim down your premium cost. But it is advisable and necessary to retain coverage on your newer car/s.

Consider a deductible increase. The lower your deductible, the higher is your premium. And the higher are your deductibles, the lower are your insurance premiums. After all, deductibles are about affordability. If you can shoulder a $500 repair job, then raise your deductibles to $500 and pay less for your insurance.

Consolidate your policies. Enroll your second or third vehicle with the same company and it will surely pull your insurance down. If you insure your home and other assets as well with the same company, this will qualify you for a further discount. Most companies offer this as incentives to clients for patronizing the company’s services.

Watch-out for discounts. Many discount possibilities are there, depending on the auto insurance company’s offer, your negotiation skills, or simply by just your ability to ask for it. Check if your profession or line of work is classified under low-risk category, it might just give you some hundreds of dollars in savings. Low mileage and group discounts are also some of the things you can ask about from your insurer.

Be on the defense. A reduction in your auto insurance rates is largely determined by your driving behavior. By being a defensive and responsible driver, you’re on your way to better and cheaper auto insurance rates in 2009. Figuring in an accident stays on your record for at least six years, and it means six years of being stuck in that expensive auto insurance bracket. On the other hand, a good driving record qualifies you for a massive downgrading of your auto insurance premium.

Have an insurance cleaning each year. Be it a New Year’s Resolution or just a force of habit, it is wise to assess your auto insurance policy each year. Your policy may not reflect what you need after the year has gone, or your company may have new offers that could provide you with better protection and cheaper premiums.

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