Importance Of Safety In Workplace

The importance of safety at work place can’t be over exemplified. It is mostly felt in factories where the labourers are exposed t sustained risk in their daily operations. Adaptation of safety measures not only ensures safety of the life of the workers but also of their family dependents.

ANSI makes it mandatory for major factories and construction houses to comply with certain specified norms. It is important that the construction houses and factories adopt certain specified norms. It is important that the construction houses and factories adopt some basic safety measures so as to ensure overall safety of the workplace. First and foremost all operations should be executed under supervision of factory foreman. He is responsible for discharge of all safety measures. All the safety provisions must be brought to the attention of everyone employed in the factory units. A list of all adopted safety measures should be displayed at a prominent place so as to attract attention of workers Special care should be taken with regard to providing safety helmets, shoes, and safety belts to the workers. A first aid kit should be maintained so as to combat emergency situation. Safety is of utmost importance in construction sites. Special attention should be devoted to ensure safety in these areas. Fr instance barricading all open excavations is necessary.

Every employee should be made educated of the necessary steps to be adopted in case there is an emergency. As we know, most of the offices are located in high rise towers and the incidents like fire, elevator emergency, power cut have manifold impact at these places.

Especially in incidents like fire, it is necessary for the employee to take some basic steps so as to arrest the magnitude of the casualty. In case of high-rise towers, it becomes difficult for fire-fighters to carry 100pund gears at the top of the buildings. In that case fire fighting devices like fire extinguishers should be kept within the reach of everyone.

Safety of employees is primarily important at any workplace irrespective of the fact whether it is an office, factory or a construction site. But at the same time, proper protection of the office property is essential. All the employees should be identified by proper photo identity card that is required to be shown as one enters the office premises.

A photo id card helps in identifying its holder with his name and photograph. This helps in avoiding impersonation and reduces chances of theft, robbery and pilferage in factories.

Each equipment should be properly labelled and a proper record should be maintained. Safety is of utmost importance in warehouses. All the stocks should be labelled with the help of a bin card and should be kept under strict vigilance of the storekeeper. The stock chart should be maintained regularly so that any deficit in stock can be brought to notice.

Last but never the least it is important to buy insurance cover for all the workers as well as the working equipments. But at the same time it is necessary to take proper safety steps. All insurance claims are liable to rejections if the safety requirements are not being complied with.

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