Finding Car Insurance For Teenage Drivers Is Not Always Easy!

I can remember it well. Passing my driving test was perhaps the single most important day of my life. I was simply overjoyed, no, overwhelmed, ecstatic, elated. In fact, I was so thrilled at having passed first time that I gave myself a throbbing headache with all the overexcitement, but who cared. I had arrived. Look out girls, the new man about town will be cruising down a street near you!

Alas, it wasn’t so long after that that the bubble popped and the realities set in. Oh, I had saved hard enough and long enough with my part time work to buy my first motor, but being a young and inexperienced driver meant that finding affordable car insurance was not going to be an easy task. Actually, some of the early quotes I got worked out more than what the car was worth. Can you believe that!

Good ole dad came to the rescue and gave me a much needed reality check. First he explained why car insurance for young drivers was so pricey, and then he gave me some real useful tips on how to adjust to the situation so that I can get my first motor and gain some much needed experience. Here’s what he told me:

The first and obvious fact was that young drivers, and in particular young male drivers, are among the most reckless on the roads, therefore making them a high risk to the insurance companies. As the insurance business is out to make money, many are reluctant to hand out policies to young drivers. Many will deter you by offering a ridiculous premium that is well out of the reach of Joe the average teenager, or they will simply refuse to quote.

My dad went on to say that there are ways to get into the good books of insurance companies and methods to lower your early quotes. One of the first tricks is to forget the snazzy sports car as your first purchase. It’s always wise to go for a car that has a low insurance group number both for safety and cost reasons. If you are purchasing in the UK, these numbers range from 1 to 20, and the higher the number, the higher the premium. So, it’s important to narrow down your first choice of car by the insurance group number. Higher numbers are usually determined by a few factors including bigger engines, faster vehicles, and a higher price tag etc.

A low insurance group vehicle on the other hand, is obviously cheaper, smaller and less expensive. Ok, so this probably means your first wheels are not going to be the lady puller you hoped for, but be a little patient, play by the rules, and you’ll be getting your experience and no-claims bonuses banked in no time at all. Another advantage of purchasing from the low insurance group is that you will be looked at as a responsible kid by the insurance company. Many folks stay with the same company or broker for years and once they build up a good relationship with the insurer, there are some great deals and discounts offered over time.

Another cost cutter is to purchase only third party fire and theft insurance which will drastically reduce your premium. If your first car is old and inexpensive, maybe you don’t need to take out fully comprehensive cover. However, if you have spent a fair bit on your first motor, then only fully comprehensive will do of course.

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