Car Liability Insurance – What Is The Mandatory Car Liability Insurance Required?

Q: I decided to downgrade my insurance coverage from comprehensive to liability insurance only. Can you tell me what the mandatory insurance coverage required by law is?

A: The law says that if you are not concerned enough about yourself to give yourself insurance coverage, that is the risk you have the right to bear. However, you should not let someone else suffer a loss due to your actions. That is why even if you do not have comprehensive coverage for yourself, you must have car liability insurance to cover for any liability you might incur from another party.

Many other states like Michigan also have a mandatory personal injury protection coverage (PIP) which requires you to have coverage of at least $10,000. You also need to have property protection insurance, and third party coverage. So the amount of coverage you require depends on the state you are in. The states that are liberal about the requirements have lower insurance quotes.

This will make your minimum insurance coverage quote as low or as high as your states regulations demand. To get a precise figure you must consult an insurance agent. That said, I recommend that you take collision coverage in addition to the minimum car liability insurance to protect your interests.

Also, we strongly recommend that you take the time to shop around and compare coverage rates by many different auto insurance providers. Comparison shopping is a great way to cut insurance costs, and you will probably be shocked at just how much you can save on your annual premiums.

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