Ask Your Boss For A 20% Residual Income Stream

Sure, he/she will laugh you out the office door with a stupid sign on your backside. It’s simply not the way businesses operate except in network marketing where you own the business, not your boss.

Is that a good reason for all of us to be the CEO of our own network marketing company? You bet, a home based business, where we make the big money and build our own residual income rather than supporting our boss or the stockholders.

Our business at Monteith Partners,LLC is network marketing. You might ask, why would anyone choose network marketing for their business model?

Great question, I understand. Let me try to explain a valid reason. Unfortunately, only about 3% of the American population has ever been successful in NWM while the other 97% have failed.

Not good odds, right? Even brick and mortar businesses have a 90%+ fail rate, only 5-10% survive for 5 or more years.

Every business has challenges. Sometimes its as simple as NO cash and that puts a real crimp in operations. Many times its lack of know-how and then there is always the people problems.

Usually, there is a good reason for success or failure. Lack of sales is right up there at the top. Working for yourself or for an employer is never easy. There will always be glitches in the road whether you’re an employee or the CEO.

Franchising may be the answer you’re looking for, but let me share my capsule opinion with you. IF you ever dreamed of having your own business then you may find this helpful, I hope so.

First, NEVER believe a franchisor is in your corner and concerned about the investment you’re about to make. His/her concern is that your check is good and will cash at the bank.

Truth is…. you may be the salesman’s ticket to keeping his/her job. No matter how smart you are, don’t make major business decisions without your support team, plus legal counsel and accounting expertise.

Usually, franchise fees are $20,000 up, so it’s not chump change. Most offer 2 weeks training at the home office and then you’re ready to roll on your own dime, hard work and long hours.

Network Marketing is our choice for good reason. The entry fee is usually very fair and reasonable, under $500-$1,000 in most cases.

The opportunities in network marketing to make a good income are exceptional, find a product that everyone has or needs; regular upgrades and/or enhancements are the norm. The money earned on a residual basis is good, sometimes exceptional for those willing to work hard and build a team.

As you know, most jobs pay for services rendered. Let’s assume you are an Administrative Assistant, a hair dresser, a barber, a dentist, a doctor, a lawyer, an auto mechanic, a grass cutter, a landscaper, you can add hundreds more if necessary, but you get the picture. NO show, NO pay, right?

An Insurance Agent sells you a policy and gets paid commissions [residual income] for as long as you have the policy, same goes for the power company, the telephone company, cable TV service, and the network marketing guru who sold you a product or service on auto-ship.

Something to think about. You make a sale ONE time and get paid forever is an awesome idea and reality for millions of folks just like you and me.


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