Affordable Health Insurance For The Unemployed

Health insurance is very important, and can be even more important when you are unemployed after all, when you can barely afford to buy food and pay your rent, how can you pay for your own medical care? If you are in an accident or become suddenly ill, what will you do? It’s crucial that you find some sort of insurance coverage that you can afford as soon as possible. Affordable health insurance sounds like an oxymoron, but there are several options you should look into.

First of all, if you were covered on your employer’s health plan before you lost your job, you should look into COBRA. This stands for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, and may apply to you. This form of affordable health insurance means that you do have to pay insurance premiums, but they are usually equal to what your employer was paying for you before, and frequently are much less expensive than conventional health insurance. This coverage can last up to a year after your employment ends, and usually will cover your family or dependents as well. If you have been laid off recently, check with your former employer’s benefits administrator to see if you might be eligible for COBRA they will supply you with any forms you may need to fill out.

If you are not eligible for COBRA, there is probably still a way for you to get affordable health insurance. There are many companies that specialize in matching people who are looking for coverage with the appropriate company and health insurance package, frequently at no cost to you. Shop around with various insurance brokers and insurance advice websites, and make a list of what your own situation requires in the way of health coverage – there’s no point in paying for something that doesn’t apply to you. You may require only short-term coverage, or you may be looking for something long-term. If you have small children, your needs are probably different from your neighbors who are approaching retirement and have no family at home.

Finding the proper package of affordable health insurance to suit your needs may take a little bit of research on your part, but it will be worth it. No one can predict what health emergencies may happen tomorrow, and even everyday minor illnesses can be terribly draining, both financially and emotionally, to those who have no health insurance at all. If you are without any coverage, you may avoid even a simple doctor’s visit for a checkup, which can lead to further problems if you have a health condition that needs monitoring, or worse, one that you don’t even know about, which will only cost you much more money in the long run, as well as hurt your health. Protect your well-being and your wallet by finding affordable health insurance today.

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