3 Tips To To Reduce Your Car Insurance Quote

1 – Don’t just let your car insurance policy roll over: So many people don’t re quote their car insurance each year, instead they stay with their current car insurance company and just accept the bill they get sent. This is a mistake. Make sure that every year you get new car insurance quotes. The reason for this is that car insurance companies are changing their prices all the time as the pool of insurers changes. You might be on the good end of these changes or the bad end. Don’t take the risk, every year make sure you re quote your insurance.

2 – Get quotes from multiple underwriters: It is important that you get quotes from car insurance companies that use different underwriters. If you get quotes from 5 car insurance companies but they all use the same underwriter then you are not really comparing at all. The underwriter is the one taking and holding the risk. They are the ones that price the car insurance policy. The retailer just takes a commission on the sale. Each underwriter prices people differently based on their pool of car insurance clients and claims. Remember, it is the underwriter you want to compare, not the insurance retailer.

3 – Don’t just rely on one car insurance comparison website: In the UK, USA and Australia, there are a few car insurance comparison websites. Some offer live quotes, some get back to you with quotes. They important thing is that these website represent usually only a few underwriters. In fact, there is a website I know that gives you 11 live quotes but all the companies providing quotes are owned and underwritten but the same company. The policies are the same and the only difference in price is the different commission the retail companies are taking. This in not comparing at all – in fact, it is blatant misrepresentation. Next time you use a comparison website to get car insurance quotes, make sure they use several underwriters. Otherwise you are comparing apples with apples.

By following the steps above, you give yourself the best chance of getting cheap car insurance – and don’t we all want that.

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